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Australia's airfreight food exports: Trends, issues and case studies
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Global food demand is projected to increase strongly to 2050, providing substantial export market opportunities. Efficient supply chains will ensure Australia's farmers and food processers are well positioned to assess investment options for increased food production and exports, particularly to Asia. This report examines trends and issues in the supply chain for Australia's airfreight food exports. Previously unpublished data are used to track Australia's airfreight exports from state of origin to state of departure (that is, state of loading for export by airfreight). Tasmanian case studies are also presented to gain a better understanding of key issues in the supply chain for specific food products. All jurisdictions produce food exported by airfreight, with Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland key growth areas. Victoria is the most important jurisdiction as both a producer of airfreight food exports and a state of departure. Notably, all of Tasmania's food and more than half of South Australia's food are moved to other jurisdictions for export by airfreight. While livestock-based food exported by airfreight has increased in recent years, the airfreight supply chain remains important for fisheries-based food and fruit and vegetable exports
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ABARES : Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences : Department of Agriculture
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