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Benefit cost analysis of the National Fruit Fly Strategy Action Plan
Research reports
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Fruit flies are a nationally and internationally recognised pest capable of inflicting significant damage on a wide range of fruit and vegetables. This report examines the potential benefits and costs of implementing the National Fruit Fly Strategy Action Plan. The additional benefits that could be gained nationally through the coordinated Action Plan - over and above the benefits provided by existing fruit fly management preogram - were found to outweigh the costs of the Plan implementation. The benefits from implementing the Action Plan are expected to accrue to the fruit fly susceptible industries from improved emergengy response capability, better market access, enhanced management and research and development structures, reductions in production losses and lower costs of control operations. Significant cost savings for government are also expected from reduced management and coordination costs.
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0 : Benefit-cost analysis of the National Fruit Fly Strategy Action Plan (Research report 12.10) - link to report hosted on Plant Health Australia web site - PDF [1.7 MB]
ABARES : Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences : Department of Agriculture


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