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Measuring productivity of the Australian Broadacre and Dairy Industries: Concepts, Methodology and Data
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This book chapter appears in Productivity growth in agriculture: an international perspective, published in 2012. Cite as: Zhao S, Sheng Y & Gray EM, 2012 'Measuring productivity of the Australian broadacre and dairy industries: concepts, methodology and data'. Productivity Growth in Agriculture: An International Perspective, page 73-108. This chapter provides a description of the underlying concepts, theories and methodology behind the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) productivity estimates. It is aimed at enhancing the ability of non-technical users to understand, interpret and use the ABARES productivity estimates and facilitate engagement with professionals in the field of productivity analysis to improve the methods underlying ABARES productivity estimates. An overview of the agricultural productivity in Australia is given. Focus is given on the applicability of the ABARES productivity estimates on broadacre and dairy industries.
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