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A glimpse of the 'Making general surveillance work' project findings: Weed Spotters Victoria
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General surveillance involves people from all walks of life participating in gathering and reporting information about the presence of pests, weeds and diseases. This information can make an important contribution to supporting government and others dealing with biosecurity issues. As part of a research project called 'Making general surveillance work’, the research team is investigating general surveillance programs as a system. This involves exploring the different components of the system (such as the people involved and their relationships; the ways information, knowledge and resources flow; the rules involved; and other key processes) and the interactions between them. Lessons learned are being gathered from the literature and the experiences of those directly involved in general surveillance by exploring several case studies. This project’s aim is to develop a set of guidelines for policy-makers and people involved in running general surveillance programs to support the design, planning and implementation of such programs, as well as their monitoring and evaluation. This is a summary of some of the case study findings from the Weed Spotters program in Victoria including a timeline of the program development and the process of how data flows through the network.
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0 : A glimpse of the 'Making general surveillance work' project findings: Weed Spotters Network Victoria - PDF [406 KB]
ABARES : Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences : Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

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