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Review of Selected Regulatory Burdens on Agriculture and Forestry Businesses
Reports to clients
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This publication was produced by ABARES for the Department of Agriculture 'Agricultural Productivity Division' Reducing red tape offers opportunities to improve farm performance. Rural businesses operate in a highly regulated environment, which can impose compliance costs or impede opportunities to innovate. Where appropriate, regulation can improve societal outcomes. Where it is unnecessarily burdensome, complex, redundant or duplicative, regulation hinders the productivity and profitability of Australia's rural industries. This study investigates the scope to improve 32 specific regulatory issues that stakeholders raised in submissions to the Productivity Commission's 2007 review of burdens on primary sector businesses. ABARES found that potential future action by the Australian Government to improve regulatory arrangements typically fell within three broad categories * further action could potentially reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens in eight instances * further action could complement state and territory government efforts to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens in four instances * no further action is required at this stage for the majority of issues investigated (20 of 32), beyond ongoing commitments.
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ABARES : Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences : Department of Agriculture
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